Monday, September 7, 2009


When I was looking for the best definition of engaged learning I found a great website that stated "Engaged learning is the process in which students actively participate in their learning. Students are involved, beginning on the first day, in the decision making of the course of their study. Students vigorously research, discuss, create projects, and use technology to make discoveries based on their choices. Students are active participants in the learning process. The teacher serves as a "coach or facilitator," guiding students to the desired goal.

"Engaged learning allows students to participate in "real-life" activities through collaboration, exploration, and discovery with peers. Engaged learning projects do not focus on one subject, but the integration of many or all subjects. Assessment in engaged learning can be very diverse. Assessment should be real, continuing, and encouraging."

I think that this best defines what engaged learning is and what the role of the teacher and student are. I think a lot of teachers believe that they are actively engaging their students but may not be according to studies done on how it should be implemented into a classroom.

I feel that engaged learning is a great tool to use in the classroom but I am not sure if it is possible to use it for every subject area. I do like the part of teachers using more technology and hands on activities but having the students help you plan all the lessons and having 100% hands on activities I find would be hard. Maybe I am just thinking that it would be a lot of extra work and planning and when I start implementing it into my classroom I will find it easier.

As I look back on how I learned in my high school all I can remember is taking notes, doing worksheets, and then taking a test. I feel I could have learned more if my teachers would have used more hands on activities and would have involved me more in the planning then I would have taken more away from high school.

I teach a reading program that is completely scripted so I am not able to allow my students to help me in the planning. I am excited to learn new ways to engaged students when I do start teaching in a general classroom setting. You never know when your subject area will change!